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Jenbacher gas-fired internal combustion generator sets are a global leader in the field of piston reciprocating internal combustion engines, gas generator sets and cogeneration systems that use combustible gas as fuel. They are one of the few manufacturers in the world dedicated to the development of gas-fired internal combustion engine technology.

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  • Natural Gas
  • Biogas
  • Sewage Gas
  • Landfill Gas
  • Coal Mine Gas
  • Hydrogen

Natural Gas

Lower emissions with natural gas cogeneration applications.

Natural gas fired power plants emit approximately 40% less CO2 than coal, 20% less than oil, and around 30% less than diesel. This makes natural gas a suitable dispatchable counterpart to the growing proportion of fluctuating non-dispatchable renewables in global power grids. You can deploy natural gas immediately to serve as a substitute and bridge towards a cleaner energy future. Natural gas emits 202g of CO2/kWh instead of more than the 400g of CO2/kWh that is emitted out of lignite.

Natural gas engines are a key component of power generation plants dedicated to minimizing carbon footprints. These engines are known for their efficiency, reliability, and lower emissions compared to traditional fossil fuel engines.

Benefits of natural gas power plants

u Up to 90% total efficiency in cogeneration mode

u Reduced emissions

u Lower energy-related OPEX

u Fuel availability

u Reliability

Typical Cases